Thursday, April 3, 2008

The answer to the Caller ID problem on the CECT P168

The CECT P168 has a little problem with the caller id feature.
If you store the number of the cellphone with the country code then you can see the name of the owner when you receive a SMS.
But if you do that, when you receive a phonecall from the same person the display shows the number, not the name.

Looks like a difficult choice to make but there is a fix for this problem.

In the Phone Book you can store three numbers for each entry. One for the cellphone, one for the home and one for work.
You can use this to fix the caller id problem.
Just enter the number of the cellphone as you receive it when they send you an SMS, meaning country code + number.
In the home or work number enter the cellphone number again but this time exactly as you dial it on the pad to make a call.
If the phone is a regular one and not a cellphone just enter it with the city code (no country code here) and then the number.

In this way the phone will recognize the name of the caller all the time.

I hope this helps all the people having troubles with that.

Monday, March 31, 2008

Using the CECT P168 as a WebCam

When we plug the USB cable on the P168, two options appear. We can use it as a Mass Storage or as a WebCam. If we choose that last option the screen of the phone shows a drawing of a webcam but the screen of the PC doesn't change.
It's not a malfunction of the camera, is just that we need a software able to detect the camera.
If we use an instant messenger software like Live messenger it will recognize it at once.

If you want to extend the use of the webcam you can use this program to see the video in realtime, capture an image or a video and even send it to a webpage.

Camera resolution on the CECT P168

The camera of the P168 is a complicated topic and a disappointment for more than one.

The features list says 2 MP camera but most of the people i saw complaining said they have a 1.3 MP and some others (including me) only can set the resolution to 640x480 (VGA) which is very poor in this times.

The difference seems to be on the model and i don't mean P168 or P168+ but the chip inside the phone.

We can have one of three chips on it.
The worst one is the MT6226 with VGA camera, some others have the MT6226M with 1.3 MP and the lucky ones (i envy you people) have the MT6227 with 2.0 MP

I have a doubt though: Are they different cameras in each phones or is the firmware installed on each chip the one responsible for the top resolution we can set?
If that is the case maybe in the future we could update it and then be able to select between VGA, 1.3 or 2.0
I hope that is the case but for now i don't have an answer.