Monday, March 10, 2008

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We'll try to update a list of frequently asked questions about the CECT P168 and the answers or the link to the post answering it.
If your looking for one and it's not in here please leave a comment and we will try to get it as soon as possible.

Q: Where can i find the user manual for this phone in my language?

A: This post has links to download the user manual in english, spanish, french, itlian and german

Q: How can i dial a number when i'm already on a phone call and need to select and option?

A: There is a little green icon at the bottom center of the screen while we are on an active call. If you touch it, the numeric keyboard will appear and then you can enter the desired number.

Q: I don't know how to connect to internet or send multimedia messages (MMS) from my phone.
How do i do it?

A: This depends on the country you live and the company that gives you the service.
We are updating on a daily basis a worksheet with the info you need. It is in this post.

Q: I don't know how to open the case of the CECT P168.

A: In this post there is a video explaining how to do that

Q: How can i change the wallpapers of my phone? Can i download some from the internet?
Can i create wallpapers from images on my hard disk?

A: Yes, you can. And here is a tutorial of how to do it. You can resize images to fit in your device with this tutorial

Q: Can i read books on my CECT P168? What is the supported file type?

A: Yes, you can. The files must be TXT. The explanation is in this post.

Q: When somebody call me i see the number of the calling phone, not the name even when i have this info in the address book. What is the problem?

A: This phone detects the number with the area code. To get the name you should enter the number after the code.
If the phone is a cellphone then you first enter the country code and if it is a normal phone then put the area code and then the phone number.
The best way to see a sample of this is asking someone to call you and see the number appearing on the screen.

Q: Can i install java games on the phone?

A: Not yet. The phone doesn't have Java support. There are many people trying to change the flash to put java on it. If this gets to be done we will post about it.

Q: The audio sound terrible when i hear it through the earphones bundled. Is there a solution to this?

A: The audio in the device is good, the problem are the cheap chinese earphones bundled with it.
There a solution to get a better sound. Look in this post.

Q: How can i change the screen that appears when i turn the phone on and off ?

A: Answered in this post.

Q: How can i convert videos to be able to see them on the CECT P168?

A: The supported file extension is 3GP. In this post there is a free program to download and the tutorial to use it.

Q: I added some folders with MP3 to the phone but there doesn't appear on the playlist in the AudioPlayer

A: There is a workaround to this problem. See this post

Q: How do i lock the screen manually?

A: There is no way to lock the screen manually on this model. You have to wait till phone goes to standby mode by itself.

Q: Is there any way to synchronize my outlook calendar on PC with phone calendar.

A: You can export the address book from outlook to csv format and then import them with the software PhoneSuite.
To be able to connect to this software you need a Bluetooth connection in your computer.
This method will only allow you to import the name and the phone of the contact though.

Q: How many entries can i save on the address book in this phone?

A: This phone supports up to 500 entries

Q: On the part where you put proxy address it will not let me put a 5 in it only will let 0,1,2 do you know why?

A: In the proxy address you need to put a valid IP address. This are made by four numbers and each one should be from 0 to 255. That's why the first digit can't be 5, it should be 0, 1, or 2.
So you need to write 005 to put 5 on it. The IP should be write like this (sample)

Q: I can't set the resolution of the camera on the CECT P168 to 2.0 MP. What's wrong?

A: See this post

Q: I see a little hole on the back of the phone. Is that a reset? Can i insert a clip on it to hard reset my phone?

A: NOOOO. Be careful with that. The hole is a microphone. There is no reset button on this model

Q: When i plug the USB cable to the phone i get two options and one of them is 'Webcam'. If i select it nothing appear on my PC. How can i use this feature?

A: With an instant messenger or another webcam ready software. See this post.

Q: How can i use the speed dial function?

A: To use the speed dial feature on this phone you have to follow this steps:


If it is off, turn it on with option 1
Then go to option 2 SET NUMBER
And edit the empty field corresponding to the number you want to press to speed dial
The numbers must be on your address book because it select them from there.


Anonymous said...

Are WMA files compatible for use on the media player?

if not how do you transfer them to mp3 files to use on the cect p168+?

luanne8437 said...

First....I actually would like to ask questions regarding Google and Gmail on the P168, but can't locate "ask a question"!!! Can I use Google Mobile as the homepage, and receive my Gmail emails on the P168? I am going crazy trying to figure out how I can access my Gmail!!! Any help??

Anonymous said...

How can i set up the email profile? i have tmobile in usa.

El Navegante said...

WMA are not compatible with CECT P168. Convert them to MP3 first.

Try this program

Anonymous said...

can you make the texting letters bigger? They are a pain to use they are so small.

Anonymous said...

what Email can you use on this Phone? Please help It will be useless if I can not get Email

Jesse said...

This leads into another question, how can we open up the firmware and start making changes to the hideous layout and formating problems.

Navegante said...

There are many people working on changing the firmware with another with more features like java, etc.
Some did download it from the phone but until now there is no known record of someone who could modify it and upload to the phone.
If this happens i will post it the same day i know it.

Minna said...

HELP! I have an issue with the P168+ I cannot open MMS messages over 32K, error message states "Maximum size reached" I have a 2G tf card, but I do need to access my MMS. ANY ideas??

Klaus Ehrlich said...

Status Icons CECT P168+

Is there any place or list to find out what they indicate? - tried iPhone manual but they are different. Some are evident but others ????

Anonymous said...

i bought the p168 from do I replace the preset ringers with my own...i was able to add 3-4 then says "list full"...and see no way to update those that were added...can you help?

Anonymous said...

i have a problem , the middle button which brings anything that ur viewing back to the main screen is weird . i barely touch my finger across it and it makes a sound and I cant click on any icons. can u help me ?

Anonymous said...

hey this is a great blog i just bought a p168+ and at first it was working perfectly but now whenever i get a phone call and try to pick it up it says call ended and i cant pick up the calls can u please help!!!

Donnaz said...

i have the same problem, can someone please help

Anonymous said...

Hi Dave T, thanks for you posted, if we set up do we receive any charges from Rogers?

Anonymous said...

Sup... Anyway to open Word, excel files on this phone? also how do I setup email and I can't get rid of those riduculas images that came with the phone. Any help would be greatly appreciated. tks

Anonymous said...

Hey, you he frequently asked question "Q: How do i lock the screen manually?"
You guys said there was no way to do this, but, there is on the top left and corner there is a unlock icon it's like the third little icon if you lean on this icon for a few seconds it will lock the phone,

linneamcc2003 said...

Hi, I have a CEPT P168+ that I will sell for $145.00 plus $10 shipping. That is what I paid. I got a new Nokia with T-mobile and I don't use all the music features and things and the other phone was only $49 so I decided why waste all those other features. Please email me at I have two battery's and it says the camera is a 2 meg. It also comes with a user manual, car charger and extra battery. It also has a year warranty through the manufacturer.

Ronan said...

Hi having the same problem as 'vmlpetoxicmami'
"hey this is a great blog i just bought a p168+ and at first it was working perfectly but now whenever i get a phone call and try to pick it up it says call ended and i cant pick up the calls can u please help!!!"

Anyone any ideas?

Anonymous said...

Is there anyway to get this phone to browse like a blackberry? I thought the browser on gprs wap setting was lame slow and archaic. This phone is toy compared to my old blackberry pearl which I lost skiing. I got T mobile to run my e mails thru the sms end of the phone. I cant blow up attachements, read faxes, open a porn pdf. Whats the point. I had them shut it off and I guess till my contract runs out or I buy a i68 which supports java Im stuck. Not too impressed with the touch screen. Its been a month my phone book is stuck in sim card land can get it to move to the phone yet it says their is 272 contacts on it. Please help, thanks in advance

Anonymous said...

i can't get any mp3 to copy. heres what ive done and it still doesn't work.turned off in the List Auto Gen. When I click Ok and go back to the Options, it only shows two options: Add and Settings. When I click on the Add button, and then go to My Music (which I have one mp3's stored there), it says "Empty". However, it shows the songs there under "My Music" in the File Manager. How do I add songs to my Audio Player List when it keeps saying Empty?
my email is

Anonymous said...

hello. is it possible to install the android system on p168 +?


Anonymous said...

Hello is their a way to upgrade the cect 168 to a 168+?

mia said...

Was wondering if anyone has had trouble with the screen going black?

Anonymous said...

Finally a great webpage for the CECTp168 phone...well done!
My questions follow... Have other users experienced problems with battery life?
My phone will sometimes not allow charging from either the supplied charger or via my PC. Sometimes if you swap a battery over the phone will charge. Sometimes it won't. It's very frustrating, as is the poor battery life. Any ideas anyone? I actually went and ordered two more batteries for the damned thing from Ebay and the charge sequence is still problematic!

Julie said...

Hiya, I cant get my bluetooth to work,when ever I do anything with bluetooth the phone goes blank and then switches on again. Any help would be very much appreciated :)

dtron said...

I've found this Blog very useful. Thanks Heaps. I can't get the FM Radio to work. How can you change the 'FM Band'?

Ta dtron

Anonymous said...

Hello, i've bought a cect p168 and i've a problem with it.
I can't delete internet address ( URL) from the wap - enter address.
could you help me out. thanks

Anonymous said...

Is there anybody to know how I can upgrate my cect p168 thanks for your help.
and sth new recently I've bought a micro SD 8 GB for my cect p168 and it work very well.

Anonymous said...

Hi.. I've a cect p168 and engineer mode *#3646633# dosen't work on it. How can I enable that. thank you.

Anonymous said...

I just bought a cect p168+ and the touch screen is unresponsive. What do I do? please help?

Ernest said...

i have a question. how do you get to the handwriting part? and i also can recieve mms pics mes, but cant send them

Anonymous said...

hello my fm radio wont work how do i change the bands

Anonymous said...

I was wondering how to attach a ringtone to a contact in the address book? Please help. Also my phone will use 2 sims at once. Its a newer one. Does the "shake" feature still on this newer one. Please help

Anonymous said...

can anyone help me with a phone called the CECT tv70?

Anonymous said...

Could anyone help on how to transfer phone book from my old Palm 700 to my new P168 or from Outlook to P168?

Also the FAQ said that there is a speed dial option 7 with P168, I could'nt find where.

Anonymous said...

hi can anyone help me? it appears you can write using the stylus when composing a txt msg but after a couple of secounds it dissapears and no text has appeared dose anybody no the reason for this?

Anonymous said...

I need help opening my mms. everytime i try to download them it says a too large message was blocked

Anonymous said...

hey every1 just got mu p168.... sms works...duno bout mms... no internet...cant find the handwritting entry mode.... help please.... thashadowslight at hotmail dot com

saucystarr said...

Hey all. I just got my p168S yesterday, and it's having trouble reading the tflash card. It says there is no memory in the phone. I have tried 2 different cards, and yes, they are installed correctly. I tried formatting and that didn't work. Any tips? Did I just get a faulty phone?

Angela Landers said...

First, thanks for this page. I have a question about the MIDI files. Is there a way to remove/replace them in the caller/ringtone option? I am trying to use more than 5 ringtones, but the phone is embedded with so many MIDI and ring files, that it only allows me to upload 5 of my own for ringtones. Is there a way around this? Hope someone can help.
Thanks, Angie

Maridol said...

I need HELP with my P168...I've just got an "Invalid SIM" last night after switching it to another SIM...Please tell me what to do about it....

By the way I'm here in Manila Philippines...Please help...thanks and more power..I need it very soon

Anonymous said...

I have a 168s. Here is how I lock my keypad: I set the LCD timer to 60 seconds, and the Auto keypad lock to 5 seconds. The Auto lock will work only when the desktop image is showing. Not in any other menu. When you are done using the phone, press the "end call" button to go back to the desktop image. The phone will lock in 5 seconds. Press "end call" now, and the LCD will turn off to save power. (will turn off automaticaly in 60 seconds)

warren said...

I have just discovered a possible reason for batteries not charging on the P168+ Some replacement batteries have the polarity reversed and will not work in the phone even if you can charge them with a polarity reversal! Anyone have a work around for the polarity problem?

Anonymous said...

hi i need help my touch scree of my cect 168 is not funksion well or better to seit is not funksion i prov to do the reset by codes but any of that is not working how can i doo please help me e-mail me at this e-mail please i like this phone and i dont whant to change it pleaaaaase thanks

Anonymous said...

i need help, when i try to open my messages it says message too large (MMS) any help?

Anonymous said...

Help! The FM Radio on my cect p168c+ not working even if I connect the earphone supplied. It's a pity since I saw a video of this phone and you can use the built-in speakers to listen to the radio. All I hear is a hissing sound. Can anyone help? Or is there a way to remove the FM radio totally from this phone?

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