Saturday, March 8, 2008

How to see videos on the CECT P168

The phone already have some videos bundled including some shorts of the movies "Ice Age" and Shrek.

If we have a memory card with enough space we can see series and movies on this device either
in horizontal or vertical screen.

To do this we need to convert videos to the 3GP format supported by the P168.
I'll explain two different programs to do this.
The first one can be downloaded from here:

To use it open the program and right click the red area saying OUTPUT and select "Output file saving management". Choose the folder where you want to save the finished movie and press "SAVE Changes".

Now in the first sector in the 1 select "3GP (SonyEricsson)" and in the second mark MPEG-4 and the 3 left it in AAC.

In the green sector left 320:240 selected on video scakle size. Select 4:3 on aspect and try different settings on the frame/sec and bitrate depending the final quality and speed we want.
I tried with 12.5 and 144 and it went well.

Now drag a file from windows explorer to the grey zone having the "Active | FileName | Streaming Link" columns and press the "Encode (Active Files)" button to start converting video.

And the second one is the Total Video Converter

Just use 'New Task' and then 'Import Files'
Select the file you want to convert and click 'open'
Then go to 'Mobile' section and select "Sony K700,S700,K750,W800,W550,W810 MP4(176*144)"

Click 'Convert Now' to start

When it's ready just move it to the "Video" folder on the CECT P168 and call the video player (Start - AV Zone - Video Player) and it's done.


Anonymous said...

I have tried the Super program many times, one file will convert alright, but all others will get error message with no clear definition. Have you had this happen? I tried converting 2 different DVDs with VOB files. Thanks!

beau said...

i used the progam there and the settings that you posted but theres always a huge lag between the audio and the video( video is slower than audio) if you caould help out i would greatly appreciate it thnks

Anonymous said...

The best converter, is the one at I have converted over 20 videos, and I have been able to play them all my phone(everything in sync). After you download the converter...use the settings for SamsungZ500.(these settings are the same for the cect p168). The best part about the converter (IT'S FREE !!!!)

Anonymous said...

Dude, i tried the media-cell Samsung Z500 thingy, but it wont start converting...

Jim said...

that's because is an attack site. It is not "free", you will pay the price of ID theft...the admin should really delete that link.