Monday, March 17, 2008

Organize playlist in AudioPlayer on CECT P168

When you try to play MP3 files on the Media Player of this phone something odd happens.
If you put a folder inside the "my music" folder (in some models is just "music") it's not showed on the list and the "Auto gen" doesn't recognize it. The only songs added to the list were the ones in the folder 'my music' (or 'music'). It's not reading sub-folders.

There is a 'trick' or more accurate, a hidden option.
If you deactivate the "List Auto Gen' option

'Audio Player'
'Player Settings'
'List Auto Gen' ---> Change ot to 'OFF'

now when you go to 'Audio Player' - 'List' - 'Option'
there's a new menu and the option 4 (Add) appears and let you select a folder to add to the playlist.

We just need to copy folders of MP3 to the memory card on the phone and add them to the playlist as told.
We can have some order now in our MP3 collection inside the CECT P168


Anonymous said...

when i first got my phone it let me choose between 3 colors for it. blue, orange, and gray. Now i have know idea how to get back to that window.

El Navegante said...

In the main menu
Phone Setup
Display Characteristic

There you'll find it

Anonymous said...

I have did as suggested when I clicked "Off" in the List Auto Gen. When I click Ok and go back to the Options, it only shows two options: Add and Settings. When I click on the Add button, and then go to My Music (which I have two mp3's stored there), it says "Empty". However, it shows the two songs there under "My Music" in the File Manager. How do I add songs to my Audio Player List when it keeps saying Empty?

Thanks in advance for your help.

WebmasterTroi said...

This is easy.. I had a hard time with this to!

Ok so when you get to the window that only shows
"Add and Settings", click the "Add" option as usual.

"My Music" pops up -- DONT CLICK IT
Look in the lower left of screen and click "Options"

Then follow the menu that shows which should offer the option of adding :)

Hope that helps!

Anonymous said...

this does not work for me..i still dont have any folders in my playlist...only the songs show up no folders.

Anonymous said...

I have the cect p168, and every time I change my background it will change to a different pic? is there anyway to stop making this happen?
Thanks to anyone who can help!

jbpeek said...

I'm running into the same problem. I disabled the List auto gen and changed the settings for storage to 1st use the phone,then retried, setting it to the card.

I don't see an "Add" option. Only Select/Open/New Folder/Rename/Delete


Anonymous said...

I have a CECT 168c+ and every thing is to get music to the player list i dont see what they say to look for on my phone

edvin said...

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful .. Amazing .. I'll bookmark your blog.

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