Friday, March 21, 2008

Ask a Question

This post was intended to receive questions about the CECT P168 and anything you want to know but now it got too big.

Now that the Forum is online it would be better if you post your questions there because they will be ordered by topic and is more easy to find one and answer it.
Please register there and answer all the questions you have.

FORUM link

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

How to create wallpapers for cellphones, handhelds and other devices

If you are tired of the images in your mobile device and want to resize some of your own to use as wallpapers, there is a way to do this for free.

First, we need to download and install this program

Download PhotoGadget

Once installed there is no icon to run the program, it gets integrated with windows explorer.

The steps to resize the images are:

  • Look for an image in your hard disk with Windows Explorer
  • Right click on it
  • In the menu select "PhotoGadget Picture Resize"
  • A windows with options appears
  • Select the "240x320 and 320x240..." or the resolution of your device. If there is no option click "Custom" and write the resolution on the blank fields.
  • Click "OK" and we're done
The images will be now with the desired resolution and a more appropriate file size for the device (in the CECT P168 images of more than 150 Kb won't work)

Monday, March 17, 2008

Organize playlist in AudioPlayer on CECT P168

When you try to play MP3 files on the Media Player of this phone something odd happens.
If you put a folder inside the "my music" folder (in some models is just "music") it's not showed on the list and the "Auto gen" doesn't recognize it. The only songs added to the list were the ones in the folder 'my music' (or 'music'). It's not reading sub-folders.

There is a 'trick' or more accurate, a hidden option.
If you deactivate the "List Auto Gen' option

'Audio Player'
'Player Settings'
'List Auto Gen' ---> Change ot to 'OFF'

now when you go to 'Audio Player' - 'List' - 'Option'
there's a new menu and the option 4 (Add) appears and let you select a folder to add to the playlist.

We just need to copy folders of MP3 to the memory card on the phone and add them to the playlist as told.
We can have some order now in our MP3 collection inside the CECT P168