Saturday, March 8, 2008

On and Off Screen on the P168

The screens showed when you turn on and off the device are much like the wallpapers but can be animated.
You can download them from internet and upload them to the phone to change the ones that came bundled and give it a touch of personality.

These are the steps to change them:

Go to main menu, System, and then to Settings and "Phone Setup".

Select the option named "Display Characteristic (5) and then the options 4 and 5 to change the boot screen and the off screen.

Now you can choose between use the system ones (option 1) that came with your phone or select one of yours (2) from the memory in the folder "images" (better put them there)

This files should be animated GIF.

I left here some images to try it on. Click on it and when it show the final one do a right click and select "Save image as".
Then upload it to your phone.


FenixF-15 said...

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Navegante said...

Thank you fenixf-15.
What is the address of your site?