Saturday, March 8, 2008

How to change the wallpaper on the CECT P168

The initial wallpaper on the screen of the P168 is the same as the Iphone one (what a coincidence :-) )
To change it we need to go to the main menu, then the fourth icon in the left column ("System") and there you choose "Settings".
After that go to "Phone Setup" and then select "Display Characteristic" and choose the option 1 ("Wallpaper").
You've got two option now, either you choose one of the system wallpapers with the option 1 or you select the option 2 ("User Define") and enter the Memory Card.
In the folder "Images" there are some pre-charged images that come with the phone and we can upload our own to this folder to use the ones we like.
The size in this case should be 240x320

I left here some images to try on. In a few days we will add others as well.


Anonymous said...

Do you have to have the SIM card in the phone to be able to change the wallpaper? I just got the phone and dont have a SIM card yet and i dont have the "Display Characteristics" option on my phone.

El Navegante said...

You'll probably need it. There's just a few things you can do with the phone without a SIM card.

Anonymous said...

I have tried everything on this phone and I can only get five songs on it out of four hundred something and when I tried to change the wallpaper it said unsupported format. Do you know how to fix that.

Anonymous said...

When I upload a wallpaper to the phone and display it, the wallpaper is never the same size as the screen it always converts it smaller.How can I get my downloaded wallpapers to be the same size as the system wallpapers that came with the phone?Not only this problem is happening on the Cectp168 it's also having the same problem on the Iphone also!I've even tried using your wallpaper you provided from this site!

rovelo said...

How can I change the Theme Image. I can change the wallpaper but no the theme image. and also can i display the menu diferent that in a matrix mode and how do i change it?

chafamexxx said...

do you know how to change the wallpaper on the I32?