Monday, March 31, 2008

Using the CECT P168 as a WebCam

When we plug the USB cable on the P168, two options appear. We can use it as a Mass Storage or as a WebCam. If we choose that last option the screen of the phone shows a drawing of a webcam but the screen of the PC doesn't change.
It's not a malfunction of the camera, is just that we need a software able to detect the camera.
If we use an instant messenger software like Live messenger it will recognize it at once.

If you want to extend the use of the webcam you can use this program to see the video in realtime, capture an image or a video and even send it to a webpage.


Anonymous said...

the webcam is not working, msn doesn't reconise the phone and i downloaded the webcam programme and it doesn't work either, can someone help me?
i wantto use my phone as a webcam on msn messenger.

Anonymous said...

When I plug the USB cable on the my P168, I havn't any options. My phone only charge. why?

DDDA said...

same for the guy talking about USB webcam. When i plug in usb cord it says the phone is charging. i dont have the options of using mass storage or webcam. what do i do to fix that?

Anonymous said...

You have to plug it in while it is still on in order to see those 2 options.

If you are going to put music/videos or anything else on there it must be OFF when you plug it in.

Anonymous said...

when i pug in my usb when my phone is on all i see is mass storage and com port , no web cam feature. and if i go to com port the pc says it does not have the driver MT 6225. need help!!!!