Saturday, March 8, 2008

The answer to the audio problem of the CECT P168

Even when we love this phone we have to admit that when you first hear it the sound quality is very bad.
Luckily this flaw is not a quality problem in the circuits of the device but an earphone's fault.
The ones that came with the the P168 are very cheap and even sound "Mono" ¿?

That wouldn't be a problem if we could use some other earphones of better quality but the thing is, this phone have a jack totally different from the ones we know.

The answer is a little techy but it's not hard.

The solution has two options:

1) We open the little earphones carefully (they're glued), remove the soldering and attach a new ones from a good pair with better sound.
This is not very difficult and we just need to solder to pints in each speaker and then glue the cases again.

2) Cut the cable after or before the microphone and attach a female jack to it to be able to use any earphones we like.
This is the best solution by far because it let us choose the earphones we want and the resulting sound is much better.

If we follow this last option we need to get a female 3.5 Jack (the standard in earphones) and solder the cables as seen in the next picture.

For the ones who don't want to do all this work to get a better sound there is a website selling it with the female jack and can send it anywhere in the world receiving payment through Paypal

The site is ZYDAGLO

Please leave a comment if you have any questions.


Anonymous said...

is the adapter being sold in Zydaglo compatible with the i9 as well?

Anonymous said...

isn't there any other way? I don't really want to go and mess with the wires and stuff...