Friday, April 11, 2008

User Manual for CECT P168 in English, Spanish, French, Italian and German

Here are links to the user manual of the CECT P168 in many languages including english.
I know many people have received the manual in chinese and needed the english one and also others have received the english manual when they speak another one.
So here you've got the links. I hope they will be helpful for some of you.

Manual CECT P168 - English version

Manual CECT P168 - Spanish Version

Manual CECT P168 - French version

Manual CECT P168 - Italian Version

Manual CECT P168 - German Version


Mel said...

I have problem with my MMS. it says that i have only 30KB free for MMS and that somewhere 140KB used. Only MMS msgs that I have is several templates... Do you know how to delete them?

mrsschmitz said...

Here is a support site:

Agon said...

The Links are incorrect.

They are set as http:///

Instead on http://

Navegante said...

Thank you. I didn't noticed. Firefox opened the links even with the three bars so the problem was restricted to Internet Explorer.
It's fixed now.

Leon's Lounge said...

Hi Navegante,

I have a question if you can be kind enough to answer.

How did you get the copies of the P168 Manuals? I searched for it and could not find it anywhere except here...and you got a lot of other languages too!

Navegante said...

I found them on the net but i dont remember where.
Maybe those sites dont exist anymore.

Im glad to know this blog have been useful for you.

Anonymous said...

I've just programmed all of t-mobile information for the network and mms. Have pretty much figured out this phone and have my ringtone set. The only thing I can't figure out is how to attach a caller id photo for certain contacts. Anyone know how while I'm waiting for an instructional guide.

pepepum said...

detecto un defecto de perfeccionamiento , ya que el contrase de las letras, son de dificil lectura pues sobre fondo negro no cambian a blancas y en fondo blanco igualmente ,son escritas en blanco y para mi como usuario del telefono es desagradable no poder disfrutar de algo tan sencillo como poder elejir de fondo cualquier imagen y ser legible cualquier caracter alfanumerico sin dificultad, motivo por el cual no lo considero de la suficiente calidad ,para cualquier usuario. bien para fardar por lo demas

Anonymous said...

where do you go to get a charger for the phone since i jsut got it and dont know where to look

Navegante said...

Battery charger for P168

Shana said...

the links won't work for me at all.

Deanna said...

I can not open up the english user manuel. Is there something I can do.

Navegante said...

Try to download the last version of WINRAR from: