Saturday, March 8, 2008

How to read books on the CECT P168

One of the best things about this phone is its ability to read ebooks.
The easier way to do this is one of this two:

1) Search for ebooks on the internet in TXT format


2) Open the Windows Notepad (not Wordpad) y copy the text from another program (word, acrobat reader, etc) and paste it on the notepad app.
Save it then as a TXT file and copy it to the 'Ebook' folder on the CECT P168.
We're ready to go!

To read we go to the start menu and then to 'Entertaiment' and enter the 'Extra' icon.
There is an option named 'E-book Reader'.
It should show now the list of books on your 'Ebook folder'. Click it and start reading.

While you read the book there appear numbers on a lower bar. This are shortcuts for the most common options.

1 - Help

2 - Add a Bookmark

3 - Search (can be case sensitive or not)

4 - Go screen (you can go to the first page, the last or to a percentage of the book)

5 - Go to a mark saved before

6 - Find next

7 - Turn on and of the Autoscroll feature

8 - Delete Mark

9 - Turn on and off thr Fullscreen mode

0 - Go to settings screen

That way we can carry a library with us and read a book everywhere


Anonymous said...

Hi there! I have ebooks on pdf files on my hard drive but I can't get them to copy and paste on notepad with .txt extension. Does CECT P168 support this extension only? If so, it would be very dissappointing, coz most of my ebooks are on pdf, where copy and paste are mostly disabled. :(

andrei.curararu said...
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Anonymous said...

my cect p168 has dzdenglish how can i use it.

Anonymous said...

i have a cect p168 iphone and also i have some problems with it. the first term, my p168 hasn't got e-book reader onto extra icon but it has dzdenglish to read ebook. could you help me how to use the dzdenglish to read ebook and txt file. the second term, i want to know how can i show jpg files into folder just by arrow keys like to imageviewer that it shows just into photo folder.
thanks in advanced

Anonymous said...

dzdenglish is a program intended to teach chineese users how to speak english. It does not recognize normal format. The phone will not recognize any other formats (so, no .PDF's and no Microsoft Word documents) - you can download a converter for dzdenglish, however on other posts it's been stated that it might be a little difficult to work with. I haven't tried it yet, I'm hoping to do that in the next week or so.