Saturday, March 8, 2008

How to see videos on the CECT P168

The phone already have some videos bundled including some shorts of the movies "Ice Age" and Shrek.

If we have a memory card with enough space we can see series and movies on this device either
in horizontal or vertical screen.

To do this we need to convert videos to the 3GP format supported by the P168.
I'll explain two different programs to do this.
The first one can be downloaded from here:

To use it open the program and right click the red area saying OUTPUT and select "Output file saving management". Choose the folder where you want to save the finished movie and press "SAVE Changes".

Now in the first sector in the 1 select "3GP (SonyEricsson)" and in the second mark MPEG-4 and the 3 left it in AAC.

In the green sector left 320:240 selected on video scakle size. Select 4:3 on aspect and try different settings on the frame/sec and bitrate depending the final quality and speed we want.
I tried with 12.5 and 144 and it went well.

Now drag a file from windows explorer to the grey zone having the "Active | FileName | Streaming Link" columns and press the "Encode (Active Files)" button to start converting video.

And the second one is the Total Video Converter

Just use 'New Task' and then 'Import Files'
Select the file you want to convert and click 'open'
Then go to 'Mobile' section and select "Sony K700,S700,K750,W800,W550,W810 MP4(176*144)"

Click 'Convert Now' to start

When it's ready just move it to the "Video" folder on the CECT P168 and call the video player (Start - AV Zone - Video Player) and it's done.

On and Off Screen on the P168

The screens showed when you turn on and off the device are much like the wallpapers but can be animated.
You can download them from internet and upload them to the phone to change the ones that came bundled and give it a touch of personality.

These are the steps to change them:

Go to main menu, System, and then to Settings and "Phone Setup".

Select the option named "Display Characteristic (5) and then the options 4 and 5 to change the boot screen and the off screen.

Now you can choose between use the system ones (option 1) that came with your phone or select one of yours (2) from the memory in the folder "images" (better put them there)

This files should be animated GIF.

I left here some images to try it on. Click on it and when it show the final one do a right click and select "Save image as".
Then upload it to your phone.

The answer to the audio problem of the CECT P168

Even when we love this phone we have to admit that when you first hear it the sound quality is very bad.
Luckily this flaw is not a quality problem in the circuits of the device but an earphone's fault.
The ones that came with the the P168 are very cheap and even sound "Mono" ¿?

That wouldn't be a problem if we could use some other earphones of better quality but the thing is, this phone have a jack totally different from the ones we know.

The answer is a little techy but it's not hard.

The solution has two options:

1) We open the little earphones carefully (they're glued), remove the soldering and attach a new ones from a good pair with better sound.
This is not very difficult and we just need to solder to pints in each speaker and then glue the cases again.

2) Cut the cable after or before the microphone and attach a female jack to it to be able to use any earphones we like.
This is the best solution by far because it let us choose the earphones we want and the resulting sound is much better.

If we follow this last option we need to get a female 3.5 Jack (the standard in earphones) and solder the cables as seen in the next picture.

For the ones who don't want to do all this work to get a better sound there is a website selling it with the female jack and can send it anywhere in the world receiving payment through Paypal

The site is ZYDAGLO

Please leave a comment if you have any questions.

How to change the wallpaper on the CECT P168

The initial wallpaper on the screen of the P168 is the same as the Iphone one (what a coincidence :-) )
To change it we need to go to the main menu, then the fourth icon in the left column ("System") and there you choose "Settings".
After that go to "Phone Setup" and then select "Display Characteristic" and choose the option 1 ("Wallpaper").
You've got two option now, either you choose one of the system wallpapers with the option 1 or you select the option 2 ("User Define") and enter the Memory Card.
In the folder "Images" there are some pre-charged images that come with the phone and we can upload our own to this folder to use the ones we like.
The size in this case should be 240x320

I left here some images to try on. In a few days we will add others as well.

How to read books on the CECT P168

One of the best things about this phone is its ability to read ebooks.
The easier way to do this is one of this two:

1) Search for ebooks on the internet in TXT format


2) Open the Windows Notepad (not Wordpad) y copy the text from another program (word, acrobat reader, etc) and paste it on the notepad app.
Save it then as a TXT file and copy it to the 'Ebook' folder on the CECT P168.
We're ready to go!

To read we go to the start menu and then to 'Entertaiment' and enter the 'Extra' icon.
There is an option named 'E-book Reader'.
It should show now the list of books on your 'Ebook folder'. Click it and start reading.

While you read the book there appear numbers on a lower bar. This are shortcuts for the most common options.

1 - Help

2 - Add a Bookmark

3 - Search (can be case sensitive or not)

4 - Go screen (you can go to the first page, the last or to a percentage of the book)

5 - Go to a mark saved before

6 - Find next

7 - Turn on and of the Autoscroll feature

8 - Delete Mark

9 - Turn on and off thr Fullscreen mode

0 - Go to settings screen

That way we can carry a library with us and read a book everywhere

How to open the case of the CECT P168

It's not uncommon to see a new owner of one of this phones trying to open the case with no luck.
And the first thing you do when you buy a cellphone is putting the SIM card inside the case.
Well, in this case is not that difficult is just a matter of fear of breaking anything.

Here is a video on youtube explaining that.
Don't break the thing.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Features of the CECT P168

Some say the CECT P168 is an Iphone clone but the truth is that this chinese phone is not only cheaper than the original but also has unique features.

We start with this post so the ones going to buy it will have more knowledge regarding of their choice.

Features list

Band: Tri-band, GSM (850 or 900 depending of the model) / 1800 / 1900 MHz

Screen: 3.5'' LCD, Resolution: 240 x 320, 260K colors TFT

Features: Dual Sim Card & two call standby (both sim doesn't work simultaneously)

Weight: 92g

Dimensions: 117 x 61 x 16

Battery: 1800 mAH Li-Battery for EXTRA-LONG battery life

Talk Time: 6 Hours

Standby Time: 168 Hours

Video Camera

Camera: 2 MP camera on back side, 16x digital zoom, 16 photo effects (sepia, inverted, etc)

Ring tones: 64 bit

Supports Bluetooth and A2DP

Six Speakers with 3D sound

Video Player: MP4 y 3GP

Sound recorder: Yes

Internet: WAP y GPRS

Memory: 256 mb included. Expandable through micro sd. Maximum 2 Gb

Email: Yes

USB connection to computer and also charges the battery


The good

* Lot of languages included

* Expandable memory with micro SD cards

* Unblocked Tri-Band

* Loud Volume

* Touchscreen (pen included inside the case)

* Comes with two batteries

* Economic

* USB cable also charges the battery on the phone while connected

* 3D sound (6 speakers)

* 2 SIMS allow on the phone (but cannot be used simultaneously)

The Bad


* camera real resolution is 1.3 Mp

* not standard jack for the earphones and the quality of the ones included is bad.

* Email doesn't have SSL or SMTP authentication so you cant use GMAIL on it


Some people complain about a lot of things concerning this phone but most of it is because they don't know how to configure all of it and the manual is poor to say the least.

In this site you will find answers to all the questions for the CECT P168 in the purpose of letting you enjoy the experience of being the owner of it.

Seeing the pros and cons is a good phone for its value and we recommend you to try it.

And of course, is very less expensive than the Iphone.